What should you expect to pay to have your garden designed and built?

Remodelling your garden makes a huge difference to your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Surveys have shown that it can also add up to 10% to the value to your property . It’s probably not a project that you will undertake very often so you may not know how much you should expect to spend to achieve what you want.

It is often said that you should think about the cost of remodelling your garden in terms of how much you would pay for a new kitchen, bathroom or remodelling of your interior.

Landscaping Costs

Every garden that we design is different so there are no hard and fast rules about overall costs for the landscaping. There are many factors affecting the eventual cost including  the amount of hard landscaping, choice of materials, changes required to levels, accessibility of the site and how much waste needs to be disposed of.

The landscaping costs are, not surprisingly, the most significant cost that you will be faced with in your garden remodel. There are a lot of elements to constructing a garden which you don’t necessarily see but which are needed to make it practical and durable. These include footings for paving,  foundations for walls, drainage, wiring for lighting, and properly prepared planting beds.

We only work with reputable landscapers and suppliers. We can obtain detailed quotes for you for carrying out the landscaping and any other work required. Typical costs for the gardens that we design start at around £15k for a small space. Some of the gardens shown on our website cost much more than this.

Design Fees

We pride ourselves on our creativity and the professionalism of the service that we provide. Phil is a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers, the UK’s only professional body exclusively for practising Garden Designers. Registered Member status signifies that Phil’s work has been rigorously assessed across all aspects of the design process and professional practice to ensure that it meets the required high standard. Phil is closely involved with all the projects that we undertake. To see what designing a garden typically involves take a look at our ‘Garden Design & Implementation’ page.

The design fees for each project are calculated individually depending on the work involved, but usually range from between 8% and 15% of the total project cost, depending on the amount of work involved.